PG Mortgage Solution

Mortgage software solution is focused exclusively on helping loan companies and brokers manage their borrower’s data. This web-based loan origination system offers small-to-medium sized businesses an integrated, global loan management system for a miserly cost of ownership.

Companies turn to Mortgage software solution to earn more borrowers, to make better application decisions and evaluate risks and rewards associated with every new project online, 24 hours a day.
Flexible enough to grow and change with your business, Pilot Group Mortgage software provides advanced functionality to manage complex loan applications:

  • Calyx Point and Fannie Mae integration

This option allows you to export submitted application forms into any origination system you prefer and work offline.

  • Online application management

All submitted applications are collected at one place, providing loan officers with short report on all current projects.

  • Data security system (SSL certification, electronic disclosure, etc.)

Golden padlock icon, which appears in the customer browser, indicates a secure web page. This makes your web site more trusted and legitimate.

  • Marketing tools (SEO optimization panel, content management, template management, USA/GB application forms, news management)

Giving your mortgage web site your identity is quite an easy task now. Minimum programming knowledge is required – logos, content and templates can be managed via user-friendly administrator control panel.

  • Multiple loan calculators

These calculators will help your borrowers choose amount and life of the loan.

  • Customer management system

This integrated set of tools streamlines the business processes associated with borrower’s communication.

Integrating additional software modules, loan companies can address more complex business requirements. Mortgage software solution combines financial features loan officers expect in a web-based loan origination system with marketing options needed to extend it into the future.