Starting Online Dating Business

Here are the basic steps for creating your own dating website, including sample links for quick results:

1. Register a domain name and optionally additional website services you want for your website. The domain name ( should be easy to write and remember for your users and/or relevant for what people that you want on your website are searching with search engines. (i.e.

2. Choose and order a dating script. This will power your website with features like user registration, search, picture uploading, internal messaging, chat. Some dating software packages can be rented. You should choose that option when:

  • You want to evaluate the business over a period of months.
  • You have a low budget and also want to keep some funds for advertising, customizations, hosting until it starts returning.
  • You want to fund this business at first from the monthly revenue of your primary job.

Also, You can find top 5 dating scripts in the internet on

3. Choose and order a hosting package compatible with the hosting script you chose (the hosting package should meet the script’s hosting requirements) and assign the domain nameservers to the ones specified by the hosting providers.

4. Install the dating software using the instructions or hire somebody to do that for you.

5. Hire a freelance designer or a design company to create your unique website visual identity, template. Or buy ready made dating template.

6. Advertise your website, employ website SEO services and use AdWords.

Marvin Powell

Marvin is an industry veteran who has been working with dating startups since 2001. In his spare time he loves fishing and writing bad poetry.

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