How to promote Post Affiliate Pro more effectively

My first tip is simple: Do something and do it now.

It’s a known fact that most affiliates (90% or more) won’t do anything. Not one email. Just take a simple action. And do it today.

I can’t tell you what a kick it is to see money come into my PayPal account once a month with no responsibility on my part. No customer service issues. No emails, no phone calls. Just money.

Even though I sell my own products on the web (using Post Affiliate Pro) I still love my affiliate checks because there’s no customer service involved. Once you get your first payment, you’ll be hooked.

So what are some simple ways to promote Post Affiliate Pro?

Number one, use the product so that you can talk about it intelligently. People can spot BS a mile away. If you’re signed up as an affiliate but you don’t own the product, buy it. Install it. See what it does.
The easiest way to promote it is to take a few simple actions today that will put your promotion on autopilot for months to come.

  1. Email signatures
    Go into your email program (Outlook, Gmail, AOL, whatever you use) and set up a signature that says something like “Post Affiliate Pro makes affiliate tracking easy” or “Set up your own affiliate program with Post Affiliate Pro – free installation included” and put a link in the signature with your affiliate id.
    If you do that today, you’ll be automatically telling the world about Post Affiliate Pro, without having to think about it again.
    Sure, a lot of your email recipients won’t give a hoot about setting up an affiliate program, but all it takes is one. Let’s say it takes you ten minutes to set up that sig line, and you make one sale in the next year. That’s $50 for ten minutes of work. Take the same idea and apply it to…
  2. Forum signatures
    If you already post in a forum or two then this might be a great idea. If you plan on signing up in forums just to promote a program, you’re going to get banned or flamed or both.
    Read the rules of the forum. Some forums strictly prohibit those types of sig lines. Make sure you participate and contribute to that community. Give valuable input. And be genuine. Leave out the hype.
    Again, if you spend 10 minutes updating your forum signature today, you’ll leave footprints all over the web as you go about your cyber-life of posting online.
  3. Put banners on your blog
    The Post Affiliate Pro resource page has several banners. Pick one and put it on your website.

Are any of these ideas revolutionary… no. But I can guarantee you that not 1 in 10 affiliates do it.Click here to earn $75 for each sale you refer.

Marvin Powell

Marvin is an industry veteran who has been working with dating startups since 2001. In his spare time he loves fishing and writing bad poetry.

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