How to make free ready-made template shop

If you have a web site with growing number of visitors why not to offer your visitors some templates they might need? Furthermore there is easy and usefull solution for this kind of business – ready-made template shop.

Ready-made template shop are real turnkey solution – everything has been already set up for you. These shop is completely functional website created for those people who don’t want to create websites for selling templates. They are absolutely free of charge.

That’s why we want you to take a look on step-by-step description of creating your own template shop. After that you’ll be able to selling templates directly from your site and this would be one more profit resource.

Step 1. Registration
Please enter some basic information about your account. Be as accurate as possible.


Step 2. Login to your account
After entering account information check up your email box and confirm registration. Enter your login and password then click “Go!”.

Step 3. Your shop design
Click “Presets” in your panel, then choose “Ready-made affiliate shops” and you’ll see list of designs applicable to your future shop. Choose preferred design and click “Next”.

Step 4. Download your shop
Please enter your company name and slogan then click Download.

Step 5. Going Live
Once you’ve downloaded your shop you have to upload shop files to your hosting. Then you have to decide about your template shop: will it be subdomain on your existing domain name (for example; will it be separate directory (for example or will it be individual domain (for If you have questions on this issue you would contact your hosting company support.

Congratulations! Your template shop successfully setted up and ready for selling templates.

Marvin Powell

Marvin is an industry veteran who has been working with dating startups since 2001. In his spare time he loves fishing and writing bad poetry.

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