Dating Industry Round-up, Apr 19

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Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe launches Bumble, the first dating app to let women call the shots (article at Telegraph). Wolfe departed Tinder in 2014 following a sexual discrimination lawsuit (settled out of court), no longer able to put up with what she labeled ‘misogynistic, frat-like’ behavior. Bumble is in part a response to that situation and general abuse of dating services, allowing only women to initiate a conversation after the successful match.

Amid the influx of news related to dangers linked with online dating, a deeper look at the issue shows there is no real correlation (article at MYNorthwest). Mara Adelman, a communications specialist and former Seattle University Professor says there haven’t been any hard studies to claim online dating poses more immediate dangers than real life romance. In fact, statistical data proves that most violence against women is conducted not by strangers, but someone who they already know.

In what could be the next logical step when it comes to romance, Australian media agency Atomic212 combined robots and online dating (article at Australia News Online). The robot itself is more of a movable Skype rover, but the agency claims it helps to fill the voids of intimacy that tend to come with long distance dating. While gimmicky in nature, winning a date with Lucy Kelly, who operates the robot is actually a real possibility.

The digital dating experts service eFlirt says the hiring process in digital age is not that different from online dating (article at Chicago Tribune). Laurie Davis, the company’s CEO claims the popular ‘swiping’ process is very similar to what employers do to determine potential employee’s compatibility. After all, hiring is really entering a new relationship, thus it’s important to understand all the implications, and not miss someone truly special.

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