Dating Industry Round-up, Oct 13

Below is our weekly column of online dating industry news.

– Lucy Worsley: Tinder is killing romance (Full artcile at “Love is being replaced by ‘bored singletons looking for one-night stands’” – what else would you expect from a 41 y/o historian? I mean, it’s obvious why “grownups” would be sentimental about the old ways of doing things but all of this misses the point. Tinder and the likes do not replace love or even romance. What we now have is just a better way to connect. Before you had to go to a bar, and out of 3 prospects find out that the first one smoked, the second one didn’t want children, and the third one was married. Throw in the fact that you are an introvert and it’s not easy for you to talk to strangers at all. Now you can skip through many unnecessary social motions before the real, ancient way to connect even starts. Modern dating has its own shortcomings, but this is not one. On the contrary, it’s arguably its most powerful achievement.

The Grade is adding peer review feature, so you can no longer be rude on your dates (Full article at Bustle). All of this reminds me when 10 years ago dating websites were busy adding crap to appeal to online daters. And then removing. And then adding back again. Background checks, anyone? We are in that fabulous phase again.

Digiday posted interesting user engagement statistics about current dating apps and websites. With over 13 million Facebook fans, Zoosk had the largest fan base, followed distantly by and Tinder with over 827,000 and 369,000 fans respectively. Tinder, however, saw its fan base grow the fastest, up 228 percent between January and October 2015.

NYmag: Tech doesn’t matter. Isn’t it obvious? I don’t care about your app features (as long as it’s not broken and doesn’t get in my way), show me your people. Yet many starting dating apps try to differentiate by features. While the product does play a role in forming your audience’s behavior, it doesn’t even begin to define your success. Your community management (read marketing) does.

– Tinder: Sean Rad is back as CEO (Full article at Forbes). Product visionaries are vital in turbulent times and it’s a good thing that IAC recognized that shortly. Tinder was and still is far from the market gorilla position, it’s rather a promising yet fragile seedling. Install an eBay executive? Crazy.

That’s it for the week, see you next Tuesday!

Marvin Powell

Marvin is an industry veteran who has been working with dating startups since 2001. In his spare time he loves fishing and writing bad poetry.

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